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Seeing Life at Explorathon 18, 29th September 2018

Over 400 visitors to Explorathon 18 at Dundee Science Centre investigated how light is changing the way we look at biology and medicine.

The Seeing Life through a New Light activities were delivered by group members Adrià Montalbán, Philip Wijesinghe, and Yoshi Arita, as well as volunteers from the Gather Lab.

The event showcased how simple optical principles could be used for imaging and manipulation of cells and tissues.

Our star attraction is our new acoustic levitator (which you can make for yourself at It helps demonstrate how light and sound can be used to trap and control small objects. Read the original paper on the device in Rev. Sci. Instrum.

We are hiring: Vacancy for 1 postdoc in spectroscopy and imaging

We are hiring!

The Optical Manipulation Group is seeking a one-year Research Fellow in experimental photonics dedicated to Raman microscopy for applications in biomedicine and also for the oil and gas industry. You should have research experience in optical microscopy, supported by a good publication record. Experimental expertise in Raman analysis combined with appropriate knowledge of numerical data analysis is desirable.

The details of the applications can be found here.

Closing date: 28th August 2018


Posted: 03/08/2018

Congratulations to Laura O’Donnell

Congratulations go out to all our new graduates, especially to Laura O’Donnell BSc who was awarded the prize for the best BSc physics final year project.

Laura’s project in the Optical Manipulation Group was supervised by Prof. Kishan Dholakia and Dr Graham Bruce (pictured).

Her project was focused on “Multiple wavelength measurements with a speckle-based wavemeter” and builds on our previous work on sub-femtometre resolved speckle-based wavemeters.


Posted: 05/07/2018

We are hiring: Vacancy for 1 postdoc in imaging and manipulaiton

We are hiring!

The Synthetic Optics Group and the Optical Manipulation groups are collaborating on a project focused on high throughput diagnostic and analysis techniques, based on light-sheet microscopy, funded by the Institutional Strategic Support Fund of the Wellcome Trust. This research position is open to candidates with a strong PhD in photonics with a proven background in experimental optics and microscopy, also demonstrated through journal and conference dissemination.

The details of the applications can be found here.

Closing date: 30th July 2018


Posted: 05/07/2018