Seeing Life at Fife Science Festival, 2nd June 2018

Visitors to Science Adventure at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre on Saturday 2nd June enjoyed activities demonstrating light, microscopes, and optical trapping at our Seeing Life through a New Light event, as part of Fife Science Festival 2018.

The event, run by group members Adrià Montalbán, Roopam Gupta, and Federico Gasparoli showcased a range of techniques and technologies where light is having a huge impact in biomedicine.

Roopam shows off our new demonstration of acoustic levitation. Here showing a small ball of scrunched up paper (the white dot under his fingers). The trapping force is generated from two arrays of small, high-frequency loudspeakers and can levitate small objects.

Like acoustic waves, light waves can  be used to hold and manipulate small objects under the microscope.