Seeing Life at Fife Science Festival, 2nd June 2018

Jonathan Nylk
Monday 4 June 2018

Visitors to Science Adventure at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre on Saturday 2nd June enjoyed activities demonstrating light, microscopes, and optical trapping at our Seeing Life through a New Light event, as part of Fife Science Festival 2018.

The event, run by group members Adrià Montalbán, Roopam Gupta, and Federico Gasparoli showcased a range of techniques and technologies where light is having a huge impact in biomedicine.

Roopam shows off our new demonstration of acoustic levitation. Here showing a small ball of scrunched up paper (the white dot under his fingers). The trapping force is generated from two arrays of small, high-frequency loudspeakers and can levitate small objects.

Like acoustic waves, light waves can  be used to hold and manipulate small objects under the microscope.