Philip Wijesinghe, Adrià Escobet-Montalbán, Mingzhou Chen, Peter R T Munro and Kishan Dholakia

Opt. Lett. 44(20), 4981-4984 (2019)

doi: 10.1364/OL.44.004981

Compressive sensing can overcome the Nyquist criterion and record images with a fraction of the usual number of measurements required. However, conventional measurement bases are susceptible to diffraction and scattering, prevalent in high-resolution microscopy. Here, we explore the random Morlet basis as an optimal set for compressive multiphoton imaging, based on its ability to minimise the space-frequency uncertainty. We implement this approach for the newly developed method of wide-field multiphoton microscopy with single-pixel detection (TRAFIX), which allows imaging through turbid media without correction. The Morlet basis is well-suited to TRAFIX at depth, and promises a route for rapid acquisition with low photodamage.