Macro-optical trapping for sample confinement in light sheet microscopy

Jonathan Nylk
Tuesday 6 January 2015

Zhengyi Yang, Peeter Piksarv, David E. K. Ferrier, Frank J. Gunn-Moore, Kishan Dholakia

Biomedical Optics Express 6(8), 2778-2785 (2015)

doi: 10.1364/BOE.6.002778

Light sheet microscopy is a powerful approach to construct three-dimensional images of large specimens with minimal photo-damage and photo-bleaching. To date, the specimens are usually mounted in agents such as agarose, potentially restricting the development of live samples, and also highly mobile specimens need to be anaesthetized before imaging. To overcome these problems, here we demonstrate an integrated light sheet microscope which solely uses optical forces to trap and hold the sample using a counter-propagating laser beam geometry. Specifically, tobacco plant cells and living Spirobranchus lamarcki larvae were successfully trapped and sectional images acquired. This novel approach has the potential to significantly expand the range of applications for light sheet imaging.

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