Programme Grant Publications

Project One: Imaging and Therapy

Enhancement of image quality and imaging depth with Airy light-sheet microscopy in cleared and non-cleared neural tissue
Jonathan Nylk, Kaley McCluskey, Sanya Aggarwal, Javier A. Tello, and Kishan Dholakia, Biomedical Optics express 7(10), 4021-4033 (2016).

A compact light-sheet microscope for the study of the mammalian central nervous system
Zhengyi Yang, Peter Haslehurst, Suzanne Scott, Nigel Emptage, and Kishan Dholakia, Scientific Reports 6, 26317 (2016).

Visualization of podocyte substructure with structured illumination microscopy (SIM): A new approach to nephrotic disease
James M. Pullman, Jonathan Nylk, Elaine C. Campbell, Frank J. Gunn-Moore, Michael B. Prystowsky, and Kishan Dholakia, Biomedical Optics Express 7(2), 302-311 (2016).

Solution-processable silicon phthalocyanines in electroluminescent and photovoltaic devices
E. Zysman-Colman, S.S. Ghosh, G.H. Xie, S. Varghese, M. Chowdhury, N. Sharma, D.B. Cordes, A.M.Z. Slawin and I.D.W. Samuel, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8, 9247 (2016).

Highly luminescent colloidal CdS quantum dots with efficient near-infrared electroluminescence in light-emitting diodes
A.K. Bansal, F. Antolini, S. Zhang, L. Stroea, L. Ortolani, M.. Lanzi, E. Serra, S. Allard, U. Scherf and I.D.W. Samuel, J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 1871 (2016).

Multimode fibre: Light-sheet microscopy at the tip of a needle
Martin Plöschner, Věra Kollárová, Zbyněk Dostál, Jonathan Nylk, Thomas Barton-Owen, David E. K. Ferrier, Radim Chmelík, Kishan Dholakia, and Tomáš Čižmár, Scientific Reports 5, 18050 (2015).

Measuring and structuring the spatial coherence length of organic light-emitting diodes
Guohua Xie, Mingzhou Chen, Michael Mazilu, Shuyu Zhang, A.K. Bansal, Kishan Dholakia, Ifor D. W. Samuel Laser and Photonics Reviews 10.1002/lpor.201500065 (2015).

Macro-optical trapping for sample confinement in light sheet microscopy
Yang, P. Piksarv, D. E. K. Ferrier, F. J. Gunn-Moore, K. Dholakia, Biomedical Optics Express 6(8), 2778-2785 (2015).

Modulated Raman Spectroscopy for Enhanced Cancer Diagnosis at the Cellular Level
Anna Chiara De Luca, Kishan Dholakia and Michael Mazilu, Sensors 2015(15), 13680-13704 (2015).

Visualization of Podocyte Substructure With Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM): A New Approach To Nephrotic Disease
Pullman, J (Pullman, James); Campbell, E (Campbell, Elaine); Nylk, J (Nylk, Jonathan); Gunn-Moore, F (Gunn-Moore, Frank); Prystowsky, M (Prystowsky, Michael); Dholakia, K (Dholakia, Kishan), LABORATORY INVESTIGATION Volume: 95  Pages: 411A-411A  Supplement: 1  Meeting Abstract: 1637 (FEB 2015)

Ambulatory photodynamic therapy of skin cancer
I.D.W. Samuel, O. Kulyk, A. McNeill, H. Moseley, J. Ferguson, S. Ibbotson, Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 331, (2015)

Spatial resolution and refractive index contrast of resonant photonic crystal surfaces for biosensing
G. J. Triggs, M. Fischer, D. Stellinga, M. G. Scullion, G. J. O. Evans, T. F. Krauss, IEEE Photonics Journal, 7, 3, 6801810 (2015)

Development of a handheld fluorescence imaging device to investigate the characteristics of protoporphyrin IX fluorescence in healthy and diseased skin
Olena Kulyk, Sally Ibbotson, Harry Moseley, Ronan Valentine, Ifor Samuel, Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy; DOI:10.1016/j.pdpdt.2015.10.002, (2015)

Solvent immersion nanoimprint lithography of fluorescent conjugated polymers
G. L. Whitworth, S. Zhang,, J. R. Y. Stevenson , B. Ebenhoch, I. D. W. Samuel and G. A. Turnbull Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 163301, (2015)

Highly directional emission from a broadband organic light-emitting diode using a substrate diffractive optical element for visible light communications
Zhang, S., Turnbull, G.A., Samuel, I.D.W. Nonlinear Optics Quantum Optics Vol 46, Issue 2-4, Pages 273-282, (2015)

Calculation of the emission power distribution of microstructured OLEDs
using the reciprocity theorem
S. Zhang, E. R. Martins, A. G. Diyaf, J. I. B. Wilson, G. A. Turnbull and I. D.W. Samuel  doi:10.1016/j.synthmet.2015.03.035, Synthetic Metals, (2015)

A unified mechanism of O2 reduction in aprotic Li+- electrolytes and its consequences for Li-O2 batteries
Lee Johnson, Chunmei Li, Zheng Liu, Yuhui Chen, Stefan Freunberger, Praveen Ashok, Bavishna Praveen, Kishan Dholakia, Jean-Marie Tarascon, and Peter Bruce, Nature Chemistry 6,1091-1099 (2014)

Biologically enabled sub-diffractive focusing
E. De Tomassi, A.C. De Luca, P. Dardano, M. De Stefano, L. De Stefano, C. Langella, I. Rendina, K. Dholakia and M. Mazilu. Optics Express 22, 27214-27227 (2014)

Triggering extreme events at the nanoscale in photonic seas
C. Liu, R. E. C. van der Wel, N. Rotenberg, L. Kuipers, T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, A. Fratalocchi, Nature Physics, 11, pp. 358-363 (2015)

The use of Wavelength Modulated Raman Spectroscopy in label-free identification of T lymphocyte subsets, Natural Killer cells and Dendritic cells
Mingzhou Chen, Naomi McReynolds, Elaine C. Campbell, Michael Mazilu, João Barbosa, Kishan Dholakia and Simon J. Powis, PLoS ONE 10(5), e0125158 (2015).

Non-redundant Raman imaging using optical eigenmodes
Sebastian Kosmeier, Svetlana Zolotovskaya, Anna Chiara de Luca, Andrew Riches, C. Simon Herrington, Kishan Dholakia and Michael Mazilu, Optica 1, 257-263 (2014)

A compact Airy beam light sheet microscope with a tilted cylindrical lens
Zhengyi Yang, Martynas Prokopas, Jonathan Nylk, Clara Coll-Llado, Frank J. Gunn-Moore, David E.K.Ferrier, Tom Vettenburg and Kishan Dholakia, Biomedical Optics Express 10, 3435 (2014)

Focusing with planar microlenses made of two-dimensionally varying high contrast gratings
A. B. Klemm, D. Stellinga, E. R. Martins, L. Lewis, L. O’Faolain, T. F. Krauss, Optical Engineering, 53, 9, 095104 (2014)

Experimental high numerical aperture focusing with high contrast gratings
B. Klemm, D. Stellinga, E. R. Martins, L. Lewis, G. Huyet, L. O’Faolain, T. F. Krauss, Optics Letters, 38, 17, 3410-3413 (2013)

Generation of attenuation compensating Airy beams
Miguel Preciado, Kishan Dholakia and Michael Mazilu, Optics Letters, 39, (16), 4950-4953 (2014)

Light-sheet microscopy using an Airy beam
Vettenburg, H. I. C. Dalgarno, J. Nylk, C. Coll-Llado, D. E. K. Ferrier, T. Cizmar, F. J. Gunn-Moore, and K. Dholakia, Nat Methods 11, 541-544 (2014).

GPU accelerated toolbox for real-time beam-shaping in multimode fibres
M Ploschner, B Straka, K Dholakia and T Cizmar 22, 2933 (2014)

Highly directional emission and beam steering from organic light-emitting diodes with a substrate diffractive optical element
Shuyu Zhang, Graham A. Turnbull and Ifor D. W. Samuel Advanced Optical Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adom.201300441, (2014)

Enhancing the emission directionality of organic light-emitting diodes by using photonic microstructures
Shuyu Zhang, Graham A. Turnbull and Ifor D. W. Samuel, Applied Physics Letters 103, 213302 (2013). (Editor’s Pick for December)

Low threshold nanoimprinted lasers using sub-structured gratings for control of distributed feedback
E.R. Martins, Y. Wang, A.L. Kanibolotsky, P.J. Skabara, G.A. Turnbull and I.D.W. Samuel, Adv. Opt. Mater. 1, 563 (2013)

Highly efficient solution-processable europium-complex based organic light-emitting diodes
Shuyu Zhang, Graham A. Turnbull, Ifor D.W. Samuel, Organic Electronics 13, 3091 (2012)

Effect of the radial and azimuthal mode indices of a partially coherent vortex field upon a spatial correlation singularity
Yuanjie Yang, Mingzhou Chen, Michael Mazilu, Areti Mourka, Yi-Dong Liu and Kishan Dholakia, New Journal of Physics, 15, 113053 (2013)

Fast targeted gene transfection and optogenetic modification of single neurons using femtosecond laser irradiation
Maciej Antkowiak, Maria Torres-Mapa, Emily Witts, Gareth Miles, Kishan Dholakia, and Frank Gunn-Moore, Scientific Reports, 3, 3281 (2013)

Femtosecond optoinjection of intact tobacco BY-2 cells using a reconfigurable photoporation platform
A. Mitchell, S. Kalies, T. Cizmar, A. Heisterkamp, L. Torrance, A. G. Roberts, F. Gunn-Moore, K. Dholakia, PLoS ONE, e79205 (2013)

Multi-modal approach using Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography for the discrimination of colonic adenocarcinoma from normal colon
C. Ashok, B. B. Praveen, N. Bellini, A. Riches, K. Dholakia, and C. S. Herrington, Biomed. Opt. Express 4, 2179-2186 (2013).

Enhanced Cell Transfection using sub-wavelength focused optical eigenmode beams
Xanthi Tsampoula, Michael Mazilu, Tom Vettenburg, Frank J. Gunn-Moore and Kishan Dholakia, Photonics Research 1, 42 (2013)

Femtosecond optical transfection of individual mammalian cells
Antkowiak, M. L. Torres-Mapa, D. J. Stevenson, K. Dholakia, and F. J. Gunn-Moore, Nat. Protocols 8, 1216-1233 (2013).

Coherent control of plasmonic nanoantennas using optical eigenmodes
Kosmeier, A. C. De Luca, S. Zolotovskaya, A. Di Falco, K. Dholakia, and M. Mazilu, Sci. Rep. 3 (2013). DOI:10.1038/srep01808

Measuring the orbital angular momentum of partially coherent optical vortices through singularities in their cross-spectral density functions
Y. Yang, M. Mazilu, and K. Dholakia, Opt. Lett. 37, 4949-4951 (2012).

Exploring the ultrashort pulse laser parameter space for membrane permeabilisation in mammalian cells
P. Rudhall, M. Antkowiak, X. Tsampoula, M. Mazilu, N. K. Metzger, F. Gunn-Moore, and K. Dholakia, Sci. Rep. 2 (2012). DOI:10.1038/srep00858

High-throughput optical injection of mammalian cells using a Bessel light beam
A. Rendall, R. F. Marchington, B. B. Praveen, G. Bergmann, Y. Arita, A. Heisterkamp, F. J. Gunn-Moore, and K. Dholakia, Lab Chip 12, 4816-4820 (2012).

Exploiting multimode waveguides for pure fibre-based imaging
Cizmar, and K. Dholakia, Nat Commun 3, 1027 (2012).


Project Two: Sensing and Measurement

Multimodal discrimination of immune cells using a combination of Raman spectroscopy and digital holographic microscopy
Naomi McReynolds, Fiona G. M. Cooke, Mingzhou Chen, Simon J. Powis, and Kishan Dholakia, Scientific Reports 7, 43631 (2017).

High speed e-beam writing for large area photonic nanostructures — a choice of parameters
K. Li , J. Li , C. Reardon , C. Schuster , Y. Wang , G. Triggs , N. Damnik , J. Müenchenberger , X-H Wang , E. Martins, Scientific Reports (accepted).

Optical spectroscopic analysis for the discrimination of extra-virgin olive oil
Naomi McReynolds, Juan M. Aunon Garcia, Zoe Guengerich, Terry K. Smith, and Kishan Dholakia, Applied Spectorscopy 70(10), 1872-1882 (2016).

The electrophotonic silicon biosensor
J. Juan-Colas, A. Parkin, K. E. Dunn, M. G. Scullion, T. F. Krauss, S. D. Johnson, “ Nature Communications 7, 12769 (2016).

Optical sensing of microbial life on surfaces
M. Fischer, G. J. Triggs, T. F. Krauss, Appl Environ Microbiol, 82 , 1362-1371 (2016).

Fibre Coupled Silicon Photonic Crystal Cavity Arrays for Spatially Resolved Sensing
M.G. Scullion, M. Fischer and T.F. Krauss, Photonics 1, 4, pp. 412-420 (2014) Special Issue on Photonic Crystal Sensors

Contra-directional coupling into slotted photonic crystals for spectrometric applications
M. G. Scullion, A. Di Falco, T. F. Krauss, Optics Letters, 39, 15, pp. 4345-4348 (2014)

Silicon photonic crystal thermal emitter at near infrared wavelengths
B.J. O’Regan, Y. Wang & T.F. Krauss, Scientific Reports 5, 13415 (2015)

Slotted photonic crystal sensors
M. G. Scullion, T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, Sensors, 13, 3, 3675-3710 (2013)

Optical guided mode resonance filter on a flexible substrate
P. Reader-Harris, A. Ricciardi, T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, Optics Express 21 (1) 1002-1007 (2013)

Quantitative detection of pharmaceuticals using a combination of paper microfluidics and wavelength modulated Raman spectroscopy
Derek Craig, Michael Mazilu and Kishan Dholakia, PLoS ONE 10(5), e0123334 (2015).

Wearable Organic Optoelectronic Sensors for Medicine
A. K. Bansal, S. Hou, O. Kulyk, E. M. Bowman and I. D. W. Samuel, Advanced Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201403560 (2014) (invited contribution to the special issue on Organic Bioelectronic Materials and Devices)

Tunable Optical Filters Based on Silicon Nitride High Contrast Gratings
Y. Wang, D. Stellinga, A.B. Klemm, C.P. Reardon and T.F. Krauss, IEEE J Sel Top Quant, 21, 270076 (2014)

Random super-prism wavelength meter
Mazilu, T. Vettenburg, A. Di Falco, and K. Dholakia, Optics Letters 39, 96-99 (2014).

Optofluidic Raman sensor for simultaneous detection of the toxicity and quality of alcoholic beverages
C. Ashok, B. B. Praveen, and K. Dholakia, J. Raman Spectrosc 44, 795-797 (2013).
DOI:10.1002/jrs.4301 News Highlights: Scotsman, Herald

Palladium(0) NHC complexes: a new avenue to highly efficient phosphorescence
Adam F. Henwood, Mathieu Lesieur, Ashu K. Bansal, Vincent Lemaur, David Beljonne, David G. Thompson, Duncan Graham, Alexandra M. Z. Slawin, Ifor D. W. Samuel, Catherine S. J. Cazin and Eli Zysman-Colman Chem. Sci., 6, 3248-3261 (2015)

In situ formation and photo patterning of emissive quantum dots in organic small molecules
A. K. Bansal, M. T. Sajjad, F. Antolini, L. Stroea, P. Gečys, G. Raciukaitis, P. André, A. Hirzer, V. Schmidt, L. Ortolani, S. Toffanin, S. Allard, U. Scherf and I. D. W. Samuel  DOI: 10.1039/C5NR01401H, Nanoscale, (2015)

Photophysical and charge-transporting properties of the copolymer SuperYellow
S. Gambino, A.K. Bansal and I.D.W. Samuel, Organic Electronics 14, 1980 (2013)

Highly photo- and electroluminescent 1,3-diketonate Eu(iii) complexes with spiro-fluorene-xantphos dioxide ligands: Synthesis and properties
Pietraszkiewicz, M. ,  MacIejczyk, M.,  Samuel, I.D.W. ,  Zhang, S. Journal of Materials Chemistry C Volume 1, Issue 48, Pages 8028-8032 (2013)


Project Three: Manipulation

Is it possible to create a perfect fractional vortex beam?
Georgiy Tkachenko, Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia, and Michael Mazilu, to appear in Optica.

Design of a high-performance optical tweezer for nanoparticle trapping
D. Conteduca, F. Dell’Olio, C. Ciminelli, T. F. Krauss, M. N. Armenise, Applied Physics A, 122, 4, 295 (2016).

Rotational dynamics and heating of trapped nanovaterite particles
Yoshihiko Arita, Joseph Richards, Michael Mazilu, Gabriel Spalding, Susan E. Skelton Spesyvtseva, Derek Craig, and Kishan Dholakia, ACS Nano ascnano.6b07290 (2016).

Orbital-angular-momentum transfer to optically levitated microparticles in vacuum
Michael Mazilu, Yoshihiko Arita, Tom Vettenburg, Juan M. Aunon Garcia, Ewan M. Wright, and Kishan Dholakia, Physical Review A 94, 053821 (2016).

Trapping in a material world
Susan E. Skelton Spesyvtseva and Kishan Dholakia, ASC Photonics 3(5), 719-736 (2016).

Macroscopic quantum resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update
Rainer Kaltenbaek et al, EPJ Quantum Technology 3(5), 10.1140/epjqt/s40507-016-0043-7 (2016).

Is there an optimal basis to maximise optical information transfer?
Mingzhou Chen, Kishan Dholakia, and Michael Mazilu, Scientific Reports 6, 22821 (2016).

Enhanced optical manipulation of cells using anti-reflection coated microparticles
Derek Craig, Alison McDonald, Michael Mazilu, Helen Rendall, Frank Gunn-Moore, and Kishan Dholakia, ACS Photonics 2, 1403 (2015).

Wide-field 3D optical imaging using temporal focusing for holographically trapped microparticles
Roman Spesyvtsev, Helen A. Rendall, and Kishan Dholakia, Optics Letters 40(21), 4847-4850 (2015).

Rotation of two trapped microparticles in vacuum: observation of optically mediated parametric resonances
Yoshihiko Arita, Michael Mazilu, Tom Vettenburg, Ewan M. Wright and Kishan Dholakia, Optics Letters 40(20), 4751-4754 (2015).

Enhancement of optical forces using slow light in a photonic crystal waveguide
M Scullion, Y Arita, T Krauss and K Dholakia, Optica 2(9), 816 (2015)

Creating and probing of a perfect vortex in situ with an optically trapped particle
Mingzhou Chen, Michael Mazilu, Yoshihiko Arita, Ewan M. Wright and Kishan Dholakia.
Optical Review 22(1), 162-165 (2015).

Development of a graded index microlens based fiber optical trap and its characterization using principal component analysis
J. Nylk, M. V. G. Kristensen, M. Mazilu, A. K. Thayil, C. A. Mitchell, E. C. Campbell, S. J. Powis, F. J. Gunn-Moore, and K. Dholakia, Biomedical Optics Express 6(4), 1512-1519 (2015).

Gold Nanorod assisted intracellular optical manipulation of silica microspheres
P.Haro-González, P. Rodríguez Sevilla, F. Sanz-Rodríguez, E.Martín Rodríguez, N. Bogdan, J.A. Capobianco, K. Dholakia and D. Jaque. Optics Express 22, (16), 19726 – 19734 (2014).

The dynamics of microparticles trapped in a perfect vortex beam
Mingzhou Chen Michael Mazilu, Yoshihiko Arita, Ewan M. Wright and Kishan Dholakia, Optics Letters, 38, 4919 (2013) (top OSA download both Nov and Dec 2013)

Optical trapping of NaYF4:Er3+,Yb3+ up converting fluorescent nano particles
Haro-González, B. del Rosal, L.M. Maestro, E. Martín Rodríguez, R. Naccache, J.A. Capobianco, K. Dholakia, J. García Solé and D. Jaque, Nanoscale, 5, 12192 (2014)

Laser-induced rotation and cooling of a trapped microgyroscope in vacuum
Arita, M. Mazilu, and K. Dholakia, Nat. Commun 4, 2374 (2013), DOI:10.1038/ncomms3374

Laser-induced breakdown of an optically trapped gold nanoparticle for single cell transfection
Y. Arita, M. Ploschner, M. Antkowiak, F. Gunn-Moore, and K. Dholakia, Opt. Lett. 38, 3402-3405 (2013).